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Poetic Just - Us Pain turned N2 Passion

Author Chastity Chyld - Amazon
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During a two year marriage with my child hood sweetheart I battled resistance from all areas N my life. I continued to rebuild and fortify the union until I finally met my indigenous King. When HE laid eyes on me after horrific misuse, abuse, and disregard HE brought me into HIS Kingdom. I could see the pain and hurt in HIS eyes as HE looked over the torn and stomped heart of flesh HE implanted within me from birth. He presented me a garment HE designed specifically for me. It was heavy and it clearly embodied jewels. In my right hand HE placed a tall wooden stick and I didn't know exactly what it was. I looked but the light was so very bright, when I returned to look at HIM the right side of my face was burned. This is a small glimpse N2 the birth of a Northern Youth Duchess - as my mentor Dr. Myles Munroe would say, "if you knew who I was, you would ask to take me to lunch today" please put a kettle to boil. I invite you to TEA with an African Queen, as you read between the lines of my Poetic Just - Us - Volume 1

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