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 MIC 101 - 103 MODULE 2020 

MIC 101 -103  Education Module - Email for consultation  - 

  • Education – Strong Families

  • Care Coordination

  • Compliance

  • Transition Management

  • Utilization Management

  • Strong or Successful Families

  • Communication

  • Encouragement, Appreciation, and Commitment

  • Adaptability

  • Social Connectedness

  • Clear Roles/Time Together

  • Graduation Certificate – Commencement Ceremony


MIC Graduation Certificate value in 2020

Global employers, probation, work study, past youthful offenders / mature offenders/ new employees with past offenses/ traffic violations/ bad credit/ no credit/parenting classes MIC Modules are intense realignment paradigms for the 2020 society/workforce. We all have a past....

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Chastity Chyld Incorporated are participants of the Vicksburg M.S. MDHS 3rd Party Partnerships Program working together to create opportunities to support self-sufficiency and self-reliance. Our referrals come from MDHS and the Vicksburg MS WIN center and more than fifty percent (50%) of total participants served are Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and/or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) recipients. Chastity Chyld Incorporated utilize the Gen+ approach to provide continuum for most families. Chastity Chyld Incorporated believe in the increase of the involvement of non-custodial parents in the lives of their children by providing access and visitation support to promote unified families. Preservation of the family unit via philosophical tenets, legal context, and national goals of child protection are core components of helping relationships of cultural and financial sensitivity. Chastity Chyld Incorporated encourage competency and family engagement via an initial need(s) assessment. The outcome of the comprehensive family assessment will define family competency as “a measurable pattern of knowledge, skill, abilities, behaviors, and other characteristics that individuals need to perform roles or occupational functions successfully. (U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Chastity Chyld Incorporated Preserve the family unit through prevention and interventions that result in the significant improvements in parent/child relationship and parent protective capacities while reducing safety threats. Chastity Chyld Incorporated encourage reunification of the parents with the child by providing interventions that will result in significant improvements in parent/child relationships and build cohesive parent protective capacities and a reduction of safety threats. Chastity Chyld Incorporated achieve these goals and principles via the utilization of the Trauma-Informed Approach. Chastity Chyld Incorporated implement a trauma-informed approach in its organizational structure and in its approach to serving clients. Chastity Chyld Incorporated utilize the Missouri Model: A Developmental Framework for Trauma Informed Approaches, MO Dept. of Mental Health and Partners (2014).

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