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Enclosure - Letter of Gratitude 
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Gratitude Letter
Finding Chastity Chyld Inc in April 2017 was a blessing. I spent several months praying about finding a new living situation, where I felt safe. I did not realize it at the time, but Chastity Chyld Inc was the answer to that prayer.
Meeting Headmistress Kim, the Northern Youth Duchess, was instrumental towards my healing this year. We instantly connected. Kim told me all about Chastity Chyld, and their mission to provide a safe space for young women, and the room for rent. I knew Chastity Chyld was the place I spent six months praying for.
Prior to moving into Chastity Chyld I was living with three much older men. Not exactly the ideal living situation for a young woman. I initially thought I would be living with another female and only one male. I was deceived. And to make matters worse one of the persons I was living with was unstable. I needed to move out.
Over time my living situation became scary and I was afraid for my own well being. I did not realize it at the time, but I was being mentally abused. Unfortunately, since I did not have any family or friends in the area I did not have anywhere to go. And I did not know where to turn. So, Chastity Chyld became my refuge, and safe place.
Upon signing my lease with Chastity Chyld Inc, Kim offered to let me move in at the end of the week. She also offered to let me stay at Chastity Chyld Inc until I officially moved in. This was such a relief. At the time I had not told Kim how bad things were in my previous living situation. But, Kim instinctively offered to help. It was as if she knew. And God was working through her.
After moving into Chastity Chyld Inc I began to heal and feel at peace. I also for the first time in over two years felt safe. I was no longer anxious about going into the kitchen, or walking to the bathroom. And most importantly I did not have to worry about inappropriate behavior from my roommates. I felt free.
In addition to providing a safe space for young women Chastity Chyld also provides coaching and mentoring to all the woman they help, including me. Kim helped me overcome my anxiety from coming out an abusive situation.
With Chastity Chyld and Kim beside me I could finally leave a bad situation. Words do not express how much this has meant. I appreciate Kim so much and I am so glad I found Chastity Chyld. During the time I have spent with Kim at Chastity Chyld I healed. And the pain of the previous two years has faded away 
The Queen Duchess Royalty Trumpet

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