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Disease Regulation Wishing Well - Alkalization Tea

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"Some of our Hand Blended Teas are not in season - on our website you can see the offerings available - I am The Northern Duchess, I am a Master Tea Blender and M1 - Med Student BA, Health Administration. Most tea is not hand harvested, or hand blended, as such they are never consistent. This is not good enough for Tea with a Northern Duchess" Northern started hand blending over ten years ago so she learned that Herbal and Medicinal Tea deserved to taste just as good every time. It proves an extremely popular and distinct advantage as we do NOT use metal staples, paper, dust herb, and inhumane harvesting practices to our tree and plants in the Loved by a King Tea Collection - we do pray, fast, anoint our heads, and turn up any and all beautiful music - N-joy

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Disease Regulation Wishing Well - Alkalization Tea -

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