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The date with a turkey sausage sandwich

The Turkey Date


A young black indian female walks into a coffee shop

The beautiful specimen that she is inside she is out

After ordering a black coffee

She escapes into the back in search of a perfect seat

Sliding into a booth as it is

Natural for her to be alone

It phases her not

Glancing around she sights comfortable leather couches

Grabbing her coffee and bag she attempts to relocate

Her seating

They slide in before her and she returns to her booth

The She was an adorable blonde and slightly timid

The He was a bulky, confident and clearly smitten jock

A first or second date maybe

The game was on, He tore into His sandwich and watched

She stared at her sandwich cautiously biting

Inhaling the moment and being in His presence

He, inhaling the game and bagel sandwich

The indian female watches and sips black coffee

Finally, after a couple of time paced tactful bites

Her body eases and releases tension

The tryptophan in the bagel has done it’s job

The She began to concentrate on the bagel

The goal was no longer to engage or empress

Yet to be full also

We are to be full on more than food on a date

But full nonetheless


The tryptophan in the turkey loses it’s impact

In the end You both take home

healthy portions of leftovers…

impactful conversation and memories.

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