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Are the reason why So many people choose to forfeit Christianity I attended several clicks Some that condemned While they secretly battled the same afflictions Some that molested members Mind, body and STOLE Oops I meant souls Some that ridiculed chyldren of God For pregnancy out and IN wedlock That ridiculed believers Doing the right thing by seeking the Kingdom of God Not seeking the conformity or approval of man I have left congregations who barely greeted

One another

Much less the new comers


Keeping the clock as it ticks Rarely left the clicks

habitual fear and lament For this reason I say REPENT Pastors posts get so many clicks Kingdom seekers pages you rarely visit Stay in your groups of shame I will walk with those much like me Forsaking lovers of fake piety I rather be friends with sinners like me Living off of Grace and Mercy Not Holy clicks Running from true licks Like the one I am serving! Chasing a pastor to give them the well done thy good and faithful servant verbiage Versus chasing A Holy God to give them HIS Holy endorsements Real leverage! Next time forsake not the counsel of thy brethren How blind of you not to see The silent do even when rarely offered a cup of TEA

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