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Behind the Veil

What veil are you wearing? Is it the veil of abandonment, sexual assault, neglect, or abuse? Did you put all of your trust in someone or something and it did not work out for your good? Maybe you lost a job opportunity, relationship, or a financial investment. No matter how hard you tried to re-open the door it remained shut. You got so angry to the point that whenever someone even mentions it you get frustrated all over again. You think about all the time, money, and distress it brought to your life frequently and feel regret all over again.

Did you ever stop to consider that God blocked It? God can see beyond the temporary and He is concerned about our longterm welfare. If someone did something negative or hurtful to you learn to pray for that person in return. Also pray that you to can learn to forgive them as well. If God removes someone from your life, believe me it is for a reason. God has better in store for you, but first you have to trust him and allow him to have control in all areas of your life.

What area of your life are you willing to release to God today? Think about the things that make you feel bad when your doing them. Perhaps you are a smoker or a heavy drinker, and you desire to quit. What would be the first step you would take to quit the habit.

As with the veil it's hard to see when your eyes are covered. Maybe your veil is not literally covering your eyes. However, it is equally as difficult to see if your vision is blocked with regret, anger, unforgiveness, and unhealthy habits. Begin with deciding what veil of protection your willing to depart with. Then asking God in prayer to deliver you of the afflictiions one by one.

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