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Remember who's your Daddy! #mydaddyizaking

Remember who's your daddy!

You think they are to young to see

Maybe they will never know

How I loved their father so

That I refused to love me

I lost myself

So that He could have me, control me, abuse me

I lived for HIS rare consolation




Meanwhile, HE lived for my body, pride, and all HE did was lie

HE took all of my breath and strength

That is why I rarely hugged you or kissed

I Never traveled with you, encouraged you

Had no sense of purpose, nor could I construct one within you

Lost all of my faith, searching for my faith N HIM

Please understand my child I wanted to give you a father

That is the reason why I stayed

Her daughter lifted her mothers head and said:

The father you sought for me was really for you

While you were fussing with him

I was praying for you

While you neglected me

I was loving you

Albeit he was here - he wasn't

As a result neither were you

Mommy you have your capital letters misplaced

The HIM you fought for was a him

The ME you fought to keep him for was YOU

I could have cared less if he stayed

When he was here all I heard were your tears

Awaking many fears in WE

Mommy I love you, but the life you lived


If he didn't love you - let him be free

His neglect is no hinderance in my life

It only helped me discern that HE is only a he

YOU were only a SHE

LOOKING out for a fake HE

Meanwhile I sought the MASTER KEY

I am now set free

MY HE stepped N and fathered ME

GAVE me a outlook on life that I will never flee

Never allow anyone to take advantage of you

Because while you think HE is only offending you

Your children also are black and blued!

Thank you King Jesus for being my Daddy and King

Psalm 27:10 (KJV)

10 When my father and my mother forsake me, then the Lord will take me up.

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